To make the students familiar with various manufacturing practices and processes the institute has well-equipped workshops. As the saying goes, “Learning by doing is the best method of learning and leaves a lasting impression on the young minds of the students”.The students of the college get the opportunity to work in machine shop, carpentry shop, sheet metal shop, welding shop and smithy shop to get hands-on training. Sincere and persistent efforts by the staff of the workshop wing help students learn by actually doing the various procedures with their own hands. The exposure to design intricacies, manufacturing processes, fabrication techniques and working of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing helps students adapt to the industrial environment when they come across similar floor situations in the industry.

Sr. No.NameDesignation
1Mr. Kuldip RaiWorkshop Superintendent
2Mr. Sarbjeet SinghForeman Instructor
3Mr Harkesh KumarForeman Instructor
4Mr Devinder SinghWorkshop Instructor