WordPress Syllabus

WordPress Syllabus

Installation of WordPress, Introduction to Blogging, Creating Blogs, Using Images, Wrapping Text Around Images, Comments, Post Formats, Linking to Posts, Pages, and Categories, Using Smilies, Links Manager, WordPress Feeds, Customizing Feeds, Use Gravatars in WordPress, Writing Code in Your Posts, Using Password Protection, Developing a Colour Scheme, Designing Headers, CSS Horizontal Menus, Dynamic Menu Highlighting, Navigation Links, Next and Previous Links, Styling for Print, Designing Your Post Meta Data Section, Separating Categories in

your Post Meta Data Section, Customizing the Read More, Formatting Date and Time, Finding CSS Styles, Creating Individual Pages, Uploading Files, Using WordPress Themes, Templates, Template Tags, Template Hierarchy, Validating a Website, Know Your Sources, WordPress Site Maintenance.


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Event 5: Cycle Rally Photo Gallery

75 Independence day celebration events

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